Tuesdays, Feb. 3 – March 3: Climate Change Workshop

You hear the terms climate change, global warming, and going green in the daily news, but what does it all mean? This workshop with Cristin Ashmankas, currently completing her Ph.D. in Oceanography, will explore the science of climate change and its causes and effects. Topics of discussion include the main controls on global climate and how those controls change, the science about which there’s agreement, and the implications of the current climate changes on both the regional and global scale. Readings will accompany lectures and discussions.  Tuesday evenings, 6:45 – 8:45 pm at Lesley University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge (the old Sears Building next to Porter Square T stop).  $130 for the series, parking behind the building for $2. For more information, go to www.lesley.edu/ce/spring, email jwadling@lesley.edu, or call Joyce Wadlington at 617-349-8609.