Saturday, September 12, 10 – 5 – NABB Fall Street Sale

On Saturday, September 12th, from 10:00am to 5:00pm, NABB will hold its Annual Fall Street Sale, our local community yard sale, on Dartmouth Street Mall between Newbury Street and Commonwealth Avenue (at Alley 434).  The Garden Club of the Back Bay will be represented with a table, and visitors will be able to pick up Membership Brochures, see displays of some of the many Garden Club of the Back Bay projects we execute and fund, purchase totes, aprons, and bulbs, and pre-order our justly famous Holiday Wreaths.  We will also have pictures and ordering information for the beautiful iron tree fences you see throughout the neighborhood.  If you’d like to arrange for pruning of your front yard tree, we can take that information, too.  Please stop by and say hello.