Saturday, August 22 – Creating Home Outside with Julie Moir Messervy

Creating Home Outside is an informative workshop including lecture, illustrative photographs, lively discussion and opportunities to practice Julie’s unique design principles. Messervy explains how and why good design works so that we may better refine our properties to meet our needs, as well as fulfill our longing for beautiful and meaningful places. Her lecture is based on a series of six steps that can be followed successfully by homeowners, gardeners and landscape professionals alike, to achieve cohesive and personally pleasing landscapes. Julie takes participants through an understandable process that yields clear and satisfying results. Spend a refreshing day renewing your sense of discovery for the landscape environment; learn how to strengthen the link between indoors and out; and evaluate your client’s needs and preferences to help them achieve a personal landscape that is uniquely their own. At the end of this exciting day, you’ll realize that you know enough to complete a conceptual design for yourself or a client. The workshop will take place in Shepardson Hall at Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, Vermont.  For more information, call 802-869-1470, or email Mary at  General admission is $135 plus $3.38 ticket fee; 30 mile radius and senior 65+ is $115.00 plus $2.88 ticket fee; Students are $65.00 plus $1.62 fee.  Log on to for additional details.