Monday, August 17 – It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World: Color Microscopy and Macro Photography

by Julie McIntosh Shapiro
Aug 17–September 10, 2009

Photographs of visual secrets, macro and micro documentation, these images bring out a love of looking and watching at close range. Ms. Shapiro has spent the last fifteen years using the close up photographic techniques of macroscopy and microphotography to present objects not easily seen with the naked eye. Ultimately, these visual investigations provide hidden insight into things unknown, overlooked and magnificent.

Julie McIntosh Shapiro is principal of Garden PHI, a photographically based horticulture research and design/build company. She was principal photographer for a digital database project on imaging seeds for the Arnold Arboretum. Her seed images are included in Harvard’s North American Plant Collections Consortium (NAPCC) specimens, Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) specimens, and a myriad of other rare, endangered, and native plant collections. Her work is published in the newly revised publication about Reverend John Fiala, Lilacs: A Gardener’s Encyclopedia (2008).  This exhibit is sponsored by the Arnold Arboretum and takes place at The Landscape Institute, 30 Chauncy Street, Cambridge, MA.  For information on times, log on to