Saturday, September 19 – Stewardship Saturday on Lovells Island

Join the Boston Harbor Islands staff on Saturday, September 19 for some hands-on learning as they remove invasive plants from important natural and historic areas of the Park.  Explore the local flora and fauna and discuss the ecology and natural history of the Park as you work side by side with expert staff to improve habitat for the native birds, bugs and flowers of our local National Park. For this journey to Lovells Island you will search for possible Swallow Wort and Japanese Knotweed.  You will also cut back some multiflora roses bushes that have grown on the outlying areas of a recently planted forest.  For more information, and for time and place of departure, call 617-223-8666 during business hours – you will get a call back.  Their web site is in a redesign process so email contact is currently down.