Sunday, September 20, 3 pm – Preserving the Harvest: Kimchi

Fall has officially begun; cooler temps, the kids back to school — and definite, if subtle, changes at the farmers markets. Alongside the later tomatoes and peaches, apples & root vegetables have arrived, and the winter greens are making a re-appearance, too.

So what’s next in Slow Food’s Preserving the Harvest series? Fermentation! The staff at Slow Food tempted chef Didi Emmons and her trusty assistants into teaching  two kimchi preparations: a chunky, traditional-style kimchi and a more delicately cut local Macomber turnip version.

Kimchi is simple to learn and incredible delicious (especially when homemade). Plus, it’s good for you! Fermented foods have topped the headlines over the past few years for their nutritional and healing properties.

You’ll start class discussing the nutrition side of things, with Didi highlighting the importance of incorporating live macrobiotic foods into our diets, and then use veggies fresh from local farms to prepare the kimchis to take home and ferment.

And you’ll get to taste some previously made kimchis at the end of class, too! Fee is $40, advance registration required.  Click on to to register.

Haley House Cafe is located at 12 Dade Street (immediately off Washington Street) in Roxbury. Directions can be found on their website.