Monday, September 21 – Fog, Cloud and Mist

The Photography of John Borchard

Why does water vapor evoke such emotions? Scenes that are so prosaic in the broad light of day take on such mystery in a mist. John Borchard creates images that project an intense sense of place, that irresistibly position one in the world of the image, whether crisp, with every atom seemingly leaping forth, or in a fog, half-discerned. His art aims to transport you into a place and perhaps into a time, inviting one into its space in a fashion dependent on one’s own emotional state.

John Borchard received a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1976 and has spent the decades since then practicing engineering at the interface between the digital, analog, sensory and robotic worlds. His interest in photography blossomed when he discovered digital photography. Over the last several years, he has participated in many solo and group shows.  This exhibit will take place September 21–October 15, 2009 at The Landscape Institute, 30 Chauncy Street, Cambridge, MA and is sponsored by the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.  For more information, log on to