Sunday, October 19, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm – Peddocks Island Trip

From harbor protection to national park area, the uses of Peddocks Island have varied greatly based on the needs of Native Americans, Colonists and Bostonians.  The island’s proximity to the mainland ensured its prominent military role.  During the Revolutionary War, patriots raided a loyalist farm and Peddocks saw over 600 militiamen stationed on the island to guard the harbor against the return of British troops.  In more recent times, Fort Andrews protected the harbor from 1904 to the end of World War II.  Twenty six structures remain, including guardhouses, prisoner-of-war barracks, stables, a gymnasium and a firehouse.  At 184 acres, Peddocks is one of the largest, most diverse islands in the Boston harbor.  Gravel bars called tombolos link the five drumlins that form the island.  Fort Andrews to the east overlooks the waters of Hull Gut.  Quaint cottages and a salt marsh occupy the Middle Head, while West Head is a conservation area.  Join the Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands and Park Rangers for a walk through history and rustic island terrain.  Advance Ticket Purchase recommended.  Adults – $28, FBHI member or Senior (65+) – $25.  Purchase on-line at ($2 transaction fee per ticket).  Boat will pick up passengers at Fan Pier in Boston at 11:00 am and Pemberton Point Pier in Hull at 11:45 am.