Tuesday, November 24, 1:00 – 2:30 pm – E.O. Wilson: Darwin and the Frontiers of Evolution

On Tuesday, November 24, beginning at 1 pm (the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species) a panel of scientists led by E.O. Wilson and Everett Mendelsohn will discuss Darwin’s legacy and talk about the frontiers of evolutionary and molecular biology, hosted by the Reading Odyssey and the Darwin Facebook Project.  Sponsors include National Geographic, Citrix Online and their HiDef Conferencing Division, Campaign Monitor, Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, National Center for Science Education, Squarespace, Creation the Movie, and the New York Academy of Sciences.  The live lecture is free, although only 84 tickets remain as of today, so you may reserve your tickets at http://darwinlecture4.eventbrite.com.

Now here’s even better news:  you may watch it as a free webcast (1,870 spaces), a teleconference if you are so set up (171 spaces), or a Skype pass (161 spaces).  The deadline for signing up is November 17 for the live lecture, and November 21 for the teleconference free pass or Skype free pass.  You may sign up for the webcast right up to the end on November 24.

You may know E.O. Wilson as perhaps the most famous ant researcher of modern times, and the mentor of gardening guru Roger Swain.  This event will be a truly special and stimulating celebration of Darwin.