Massachusetts Christmas Tree Association

The goal of Massachusetts Christmas tree growers is to produce a quality “Real Christmas Tree” for the retail and wholesale markets.  While visiting their member farms, they encourage you to enjoy “the experience,” create memories, and develop cherished family holiday traditions. To find a local farm near you, log on to and click “Find a Local Tree Farm.”  You may also call 978-365-5818, or email  All the information—location of farm, how to select and care for your Christmas tree, and the environmental benefits of choosing a “real” tree—is at your fingertips.  Find the nearest spot to cut your own, as well.

Nearly all Massachusetts Christmas trees are grown as a farm crop for the primary purpose of harvest.  Your choice of a fresh-cut tree continues the natural cycle of planting, nurturing, and harvesting trees in our state.

Growing Christmas trees properly can be ecologically beneficial—one acre of Christmas trees provides enough fresh oxygen for 18 people. Young trees actively cleanse the air we breathe and create green belts in urban areas providing clean air for all of us. In addition, Christmas tree plantations preserve open space and provide homes for bird habitat, insects, and wildlife.

  1. After the holidays, consider giving your tree a second life as compost, mulch or chips to be used later in a garden or at a landscape project.
  2. Clip the branches from the tree and use them as a protective cover on garden plants.
  3. Use the tree as a birdfeeder which can also be a cover shelter and a shield from harsh weather.
  4. If you prefer, transport your tree to a recycling center.