Golden Days Contest

National Garden Club President Renee Blaschke has a project.  All incoming National Presidents choose a project, but this year Renee is trying something a bit different.  She envisions a country gleaming with daffodils each spring, and to encourage clubs to participate, the New England Region is sponsoring a contest.  The state that has planted the most daffodils per capita by December 1, 2010 will be awarded a monetary prize, an award ribbon, and a certificate.  A “Golden Days” project might include mass plantings at retirement centers, parks, playgrounds, assisted living homes, schools and public buildings – places to plant are limited only by your imagination.  Clubs will submit the paperwork, but if you planted daffodils in 2009, or are planning to plant next fall, keep track of those bulbs and let your president know where they were planted.   Remember Lady Bird Johnson’s wild flowers?  Texas is awash with bluebonnets as a result.  Beautification of our environment is part of the mission statement of The Garden Club of the Back Bay, so we are pleased to notify Massachusetts gardeners of this opportunity.