Saturday, February 6, 10:00 – 11:00 am – Introduction to Hydroponics

After last year’s excessive rain and crop failures caused by the pathogen late blight, it makes sense to grow vegetables in a more controlled environment. This class will cover the basics of growing vegetables using hydroponics, which is simply growing plants in a non-soil growing medium. This can be a very simple and effective way to grow vegetables which can yield amazing results.  Instructor Tom Dzaugis of Green Path Garden Supply in Northboro will cover the different growing mediums available, why pH is in important in hydroponics, the difference between fertilizers for soil and hydroponics, and lighting. We will conclude with a Q&A discussion on how to put all this information together and have success growing plants hydroponically.  The class will take place at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, 11 French Drive in Boylston, Massachusetts, costs $6 for member of THBG, $8 for non-members, and you may register on line at