Saturday, January 23, 10:00 – 12:00 noon – Epimediums: Not Just Groundcovers

Come to the Berkshire Botanical Gardens on Saturday, January 23 from 10 am – 12 noon for an illustrated lecture by Karen Perkins, owner of Garden Vision Epimediums, a mail order nursery offering 160 species and varieties  of epimediums along with other choice perennials.  She lectures frequently at botanical gardens and for garden clubs throughout New England.

This lecture will explore a wide selection of epimediums and focus on some of the exciting new evergreen species from China.  Known by some as the ultimate groundcover for dry shade, the new availability of the “perfect shade perennial” is just being discovered by most gardeners.  Epimedium’s delicate beauty belies their tough, long-lasting nature. Learn about growth habit, cultivation requirements, propagation, sources, and pests and diseases. The instructor will also discuss the collecting trips that epimedium expert Darrell Probst, founder of Garden Vision, has made to China.

The cost to attend this event is $18 for BBG members and $24 for non-members.  You may find more information, and directions, on the Berkshire Botanical Garden’s website,