Saturday, February 7, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm – Invasives in the Valley

Non-native invasive plants are a leading threat to the botanical health of our ecosystems and the diversity of our landscapes. Now is the time to plan your strategy for combating these invasive threats to the biodiversity of our region. Learn how to identify the most common invasives in the Connecticut River Valley (see Japanese barberry below), where they are likely to be found, and how they can impact the plants and animals where they grow.  Topics include mechanical, chemical and manual control techniques, prevention of soil erosion and further infestation by invasives, and finally techniques for the re-vegetation process. The class includes a PowerPoint presentation, use of herbarium specimens and demonstrations of tools and equipment. The class is appropriate for landowners as well as stewards of public lands.  Sponsored by the New England Wildflower Society, the class will take place at Nasami Farm in Whately, Massachusetts, and will cost $28 for NEWFS members, and $33 for nonmembers.  The instructor is Tony Reiber, and you may register on line at