Boston Park Advocates Website

You will see a new link on the right hand side of our home page, directing you to, a just launched web site which is part of a strategy to formalize the connections among park volunteers and advocates across Boston, and will provide tools and resources for helping members connect with one another.  Website resources will include an online discussion board that makes it easy to have conversations about topics of interest to park volunteers and advocates, a calendar, and soon, a member directory.

Boston Park Advocates (BPA) is a growing, volunteer-based, citywide network of active park stakeholders who are the champions for Boston’s parks and open spaces.  It is a diverse and broad based constituency of individuals and organizations that collectively use and care about Boston’s open spaces because green spaces enrich our lives immeasurably, with both their beauty and functionality. These places are our parks, playgrounds and athletic fields, our streets, sidewalks and bikeways, our community gardens, and our beaches, greenways, urban wilds and reservations.

The goal of the network is to connect and unify Boston’s diverse park and community stakeholders. BPA aims to build  capacity, share resources and information, raise public awareness, and strengthen the collective impact of its network members to influence public park policy and increase support for the range of urban parks and open spaces.  Membership is free – register on the web site for notification of future meetings and events.