Daily Archives: February 22, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 10:00 am – Chinese Gardens

Lynette Tsiang, a landscape designer who uses Asian design principles and plants to create New England gardens with echoes of the Far East, will present a slideshow presentation on Tuesday, March 2, beginning at 10 am at South Church, 41 Central Street in Andover, MA, featuring six unique garden areas of China. Attendees will vicariously visit the vernacular landscape of Jingxi (1130), considered a Chinese Venice, and will also examine six classical scholar gardens located in Suzhou. Design techniques unique to Chinese gardens will be discussed.

A graduate of the Landscape Institute of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Lynette Tsiang is a residential landscape designer who operates Lynette Tsiang Landscape Design in Lexington. She specializes in designing Asian-style, shade, and water gardens, and also designs public and memorial gardens.  She is a member of The New England Landscape Design & the Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design (COGdesign).

This program is sponsored by the Andover Garden Club, and is free to Andover Garden Club members, and $5 for public admission.  For more information, you may call 978-470-2627, or email bettychapman@verizon.net.  Directions to South Church may be found at www.southchurch.com.

Tuesdays, March 30 – May 4, 5:45 – 7:45 pm – Residential Landscape Design

In this multi-session course appropriate for beginners, learn different aspects of the landscape design process with special emphasis on native plants in the residential landscape. Workshop sessions focus on design methods using site analysis techniques and schematic design tools. With consultation of the instructor, work on a project of your own choosing. Interspersed with design work, lectures focus on plants and habitats, including information on plant choice and placement in the landscape. A list of required materials supplied at the first class.  The class is co-sponsored by, and will take place at, the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, and will cost $175 for NEWFS members, and $210 for nonmembers.  Dates are March 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, and May 11.  The instructor is Karen Sebastian, and you may register at www.newfs.org.

Saturdays, May 8, June 19, August 21, and September 11, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon – The Wine Cycle at Turtle Creek Winery

Experience the process of turning grapes into wine.  Kip Kumler, owner and winemaker of Turtle Creek Winery, leads this Boston University seminar series at his vineyard in Lincoln, Massachusetts.  The four classes will follow the winemaker’s cycle throughout the year, from vine to bottle.  Four Saturdays, from 10 – noon, will cost $150.  You may register on-line at www.bu.edu/foodandwine.  The dates are May 8 (The Season Begins: Bud-Burst), June 19 (Growth: Flowering and Fruit Set), August 21 (Canopy Maturation: Approaching Veraison) and September 11 (Approaching Harvest and Winter Dormancy).