Saturdays, May 8, June 19, August 21, and September 11, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon – The Wine Cycle at Turtle Creek Winery

Experience the process of turning grapes into wine.  Kip Kumler, owner and winemaker of Turtle Creek Winery, leads this Boston University seminar series at his vineyard in Lincoln, Massachusetts.  The four classes will follow the winemaker’s cycle throughout the year, from vine to bottle.  Four Saturdays, from 10 – noon, will cost $150.  You may register on-line at  The dates are May 8 (The Season Begins: Bud-Burst), June 19 (Growth: Flowering and Fruit Set), August 21 (Canopy Maturation: Approaching Veraison) and September 11 (Approaching Harvest and Winter Dormancy).