Wednesday, May 5, 3:30 pm – Regenerative Design in the Public Realm

Come to UMass Amherst’s Cape Cod Lounge in the Student Union on Wednesday, May 5 at 3:30 pm to hear Michael Singer speak on Regenerative Design in the Public Realm.  Free lecture is open to the public.

Michael Singer’s perspective is that of an artist, a creative thinker and problem solver whose work has evolved around questioning assumptions and constantly looking at why things are the way they are and how they might benefit from different points of view. Michael Singer’s Studio uses an integrative design process as a way to recognize the systems of a place, respond specifically to that place, and gather information and direction from naturalists, biologists, engineers, scientists, social anthropologists, historians, economists, other professionals and communities about how a project can innovatively address environmental, social, political, and economic concerns, as well as provide solutions that promote regenerative outcomes.

For the past twenty years Michael Singer has worked on large-scale infrastructure projects, parks and gardens, architectural design, urban planning and public art commissions. In 2007 Singer co-authored “Infrastructure and Community: How Can We Live With What Sustains Us” published by Environmental Defense, an advocacy organization. This booklet presents case studies from the Michael Singer Studio offering insight on how public officials, communities and developers can plan infrastructure that promotes environmental justice, generates ecological renewal, inspires civic responsibility and enhances quality of life without sacrificing function or economic viability.