Thursday, May 20, 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm – Rain Gardens in Successful Stormwater Management

A program entitled Rain Gardens in Successful Stormwater Management, co-sponsored by the Ecological Landscaping Association and the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition will take place Thursday, May 20, from 4:30 – 8 pm, at the Doyle Conservation Center. 325 Lindell Avenue, in Leominster.  The participation fee is $20 for ELA Members, and $25 for non-members.

Explore the possibilities of improved water quality through collaborative efforts at storm water management.  Partnerships among city officials, community groups, businesses, state and federal agencies, and the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition are restoring Monoosnoc Brook in Leominster.  Rapid runoff had increased frequent flooding that erodes stream banks, and dirty, oily storm water deposited into the brook created lethal conditions for stream life.  Thirty-two rain gardens, tree box filters and bio-retention areas are now helping to cleanse runoff from streets and parking lots.  Designs for additional treatment practices, including a constructed storm water wetland, will be installed and continue to improve Monoosnoc Brook and the North Nashua River.

Starting at the Doyle Conservation Center and then traveling out to a variety of installation sites, tour guides Ed Himlan, Bob Levite, and others will discuss and demonstrate the successful installations of a variety of storm water management techniques.  For more information, call 617-436-5838, or email  Walk ins welcome.