Garden Club of the Back Bay Donates $2,500 to Esplanade Emergency Tree Fund

As most of you are aware, more than 50 of the Esplanade’s specimen trees were damaged or destroyed as a result of a violent storm that passed through Boston on June 6.  Willows, the iconic trees of the Esplanade, were particularly hard hit when they were uprooted and damaged beyond repair by what has been identified as a macroburst (although weather groupies say the more proper term is “microburst”).  Our Club Co-President Jackie Blombach says her dog Lily’s favorite apple tree is gone as well.  In response to the extensive damage sustained by the storm, The Esplanade Association’s Board of Directors has created the Esplanade Emergency Tree Fund to raise money to replace trees that have been destroyed.  The Garden Club of the Back Bay has sent $2,500 to this Fund, and we thank all who attended or supported our most recent fund raising event, The Twilight Garden Party, and all our loyal wreath buyers, without whom our ability to step forward in such emergencies would be impossible.

The destruction of so many historic and stately trees is a terrible loss to the park and to all who enjoy this special green space.  The Department of Conservation and Recreation has reported more than 50 trees will either need to be removed or severely pruned.  The DCR commenced a tree clean-up operation immediately after the storm to assure that public safety concerns were fully addressed.  The Esplanade Association will work with the DCR to inventory the trees and assess the full damage to the park at the earliest possible time.  That inventory is funded in part through grants from The Garden Club of the Back Bay.

You may contribute to this fund – donations of all sizes are urgently needed and will be tax-deductible – by logging on to, or by contacting Justin Burke at 617-227-0365, or by emailing him at  If you are a GCBB member, please let him know.