Tuesday, October 26 – Thursday, November 4 – Wabi Sabi 2010

It is well understood that the nature of Japanese gardens differs greatly from those in the Western World. They are regarded as representing the universe and its elements, and expressing a specific philosophy. Some of the most highly acclaimed are those located in and around the ancient city of Kyoto. This fall, Tuesday, October 26 – Thursday, November 4,  a small group, limited to only 20 participants, will enjoy a unique opportunity to visit some of the most renowned gardens, temples and palaces in this region personally selected by Professor Lennox Tierney, current Curator of the Art of Japan for the Utah State Museum of Fine Arts, the Mingei Museum, San Diego, and Art Director of San Diego’s Japanese Friendship Garden.

Professor Tierney is also the author of “The Nature of Japanese Garden Art”, in which he examines the Zen principles that relate to Japanese gardens, and the terms WABI SABI, which reflect the value of understatement and the richness of aging. On the tour he will provide a unique orientation and understanding of the many specific elements encountered in the places visited. In 2007 Professor Tierney received the Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan for his services.

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