Wednesday, July 28, 4:00 pm – Selecting and Caring for Orchids

Highfield Hall, 56 Highfield Drive in Falmouth, has invited Alison Arrouet, gardener and orchid grower, to speak on Wednesday, July 28, beginning at 4 pm, on Selecting and Caring for Orchids.  Alison is a passionate, informed gardener and a member of the Cape and Islands Orchid Society.  She is a self-confessed addictive collector of orchids who now owns over 80 plants (get a grip, girl!)  Alison has presented to numerous gardening groups on growing orchids, and wants novice orchid growers to know that many varieties of orchids will thrive in your home with much less care than you fear right now.  Her presentation with live orchids will explain several varieties and she will provide practical advice on orchid selection and care, so you’ll have the confidence to buy your first, or second, or third orchid, or expand on you own budding collection.  $5 suggested donation. For information, log on to