Through September 7 – Water Whimsy

New England Wild Flower Society has partnered with New England Garden Ornaments of Sudbury, MA, to present Water Whimsy, a small show of large and small fountains. In addition to the permanent Michael Mazur fountain at the entrance (below) and the Nate McCullin bird baths in the Wildlife Garden, Water Whimsy features nine bubbling, flowing, and standing water installations located at the entrance to the Curtis Path and in the Idea, Edible, Rain, and Patio gardens. Composed of chiseled stones, millstones, staddle stones, stone balls, molded balustrades and caps, granite bowls, and bamboo, these hand-carved and one-of-a-kind fountains bring a special ambiance to their garden settings. Water Whimsy continues in the Garden through September 7. For more information, log on to