Friday and Saturday, September 18 & 19, 12:00 noon – 5:00 pm – Deepening Roots

The Deepening Roots two-day workshop is a fun and comprehensive educational program that introduces the general public to healthy nutrition, sustainable agriculture and community. People of all backgrounds and experience levels will benefit from the dynamic and innovative nature of this program.

High energy foods…
In this portion of the workshop, you will learn to prepare tasty foods that will boost your energy, strengthen your immune system and give you complete nutrition. With handy food preparation tips, simple recipes and informative discussions we will demystify how to eat well and bust the hype of fad diets.

Growing your own food…
…even if you don’t have a garden! There is no better way to access fresh foods than to grow them yourself. From kitchen gardens to herb spirals, from balcony grown tomatoes to backyard forest gardens, we will teach all the basic principles you need to start growing fresh, high energy foods. No green thumb required!

Building healthy communities
Imagine a community where people are happy, connected and supportive of one another. A community with clean air, abundant food and green space to explore. A community that is exciting, dynamic and peaceful. Every community is built on individuals. By exploring innovative breathing and meditation practices will you will learn how we can all be the building blocks for such vibrant communities.

The participation fee for the two day workshop September 18 and 19, 12 – 5 each day, is $95 ($75 with student ID), and will take place at the Hilles Building at Harvard University.  The building is in the Radcliffe quad, walking distance from Harvard Square.  For more information, or to register, log on to, or email Andrew Korza at