The Vertical Gardens of Patrick Blanc

We recently received the following letter and web site recommendation and pass it along to our readers.  Patrick Blanc came to our attention when he spoke last year at Harvard.  For all who follow green architecture, the photography is a treat, and the site may be accessed both in French and in English:

“When I created my first Vertical Garden thirty years ago, I couldn’t foresee that every city of the world would be impacted by this invention.

On this Year of  … Biodiversity, I invite you to visit my new website

All along the pages you will see all the achievements since 1986 when my first public creation was displayed at la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris.

Each new project in the world is a way for me to answer with new shapes and new plant species.

The Vertical Garden is no longer a vertical panel; it is now possible to freely create it on various structures like columns, spirals or even vegetal ceilings.

Of course, it’s always a pleasure to work in familiar places (Museums, Hotels, Shopping Malls, …) but my still increasing experience is the best step towards places where plants are not expected like tunnels, underground parking lots and high-rise buildings.”