Saturdays, January 29 and February 12, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm – Conservation Biology: Saving Biodiversity in Today’s Climate

The core mission of conservation organizations is to preserve plants, animals, and their habitats. How do we best go about this essential work at the level of your interest: state, local, or your own backyard? Over two class sessions at Garden in the Woods in Framingham, The New England Wild Flower Society will discuss the definition of biodiversity, why we care about it as a society, the pervasive threats, and on-the-ground solutions. Using power-point presentations to illustrate concepts and case studies to apply our ideas, we cover protection strategies and stewardship tools. We talk about how climate change alters our thinking about traditional conservation approaches. The intention is to provide a background in the principles of conservation biology for you to become a more effective conservation advocate and/or steward of your own land. A series of articles and web links are provided to aide in the discussion. First session will take place Saturday, January 29.  Second session will be held February 12 from 10 – 3. $120 NEWFS members, $140 non-members. To register, log on to