Garden Photography Competition

The Gardeners of America/Men’s Garden Club of America (TGOA/MGCA) sponsors an annual photography contest, with categories such as wildflowers, roses, landscapes, and more. This competition is meant to encourage good photography and continual education in conjunction with home gardening and other interests of the TGOA/MGCA membership.  American Horticultural Society members are encouraged to enter, as well as members of the sponsoring organizations, and complete rules may be found on their website,, or you may request a copy of the contest manual from Sherra Schuck at  There is a February 16 deadline, so get on this right away if you are interested.  You may also call 515-278-0295. Best of Show 2009 winner, Echinacea purpurea with two-tailed Swallowtail butterfly by Karyn Chaffin of the Denver Gardeners of America is shown below.