Saturday, February 12 – Sunday, February 27 – Oh, Orchids!

Escape winter and surround yourself with warm, lush, color at Oh, Orchids!, Mahoney’s First Annual Orchid and Houseplant Festival. Join us Saturday, February 12 through Sunday February 27 at 3 Mahoney’s locations: Winchester, Brighton and East Falmouth.

“Oh, Orchids” features original exhibits of orchids and flowering houseplants – providing inspiration on the many ways you can creatively use orchids in your home or office. Plus walk through tables of gorgeous orchids – including the heart shaped Phalaenopsis just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Also come see the all-new “Double Blue Mystique” – the first blue orchid – shown below. Blue Mystique is not painted, sprayed or hybridized, but gets its color through a patented process that induces the blue color in flowers. “The future flowers that are on the stem will be blue as well,” says Farid Khalil, Mahoney’s Greenhouse Product Manager. “It’s a closely held patented process. We don’t know how they do it, but it’s all the rave in Europe.”

In addition to numerous exciting houseplants the Festival will feature epiphytes or “air plants”. Air plants “grow” upon another plant or object, using the host only for mechanical support, not for nourishment. Air plants get nutrients from the air, falling rain, and the compost that lies on tree branches. They can be used in terrariums, grouped in an attractive dish, or in a hanging glass orb. Air plants prefer bright, filtered light and only need to be misted to keep them happy. Air plants have a wide range of colors, sizes and textures to choose from. They will even bloom!  For hours and directions, log on to