Tuesday, March 8, 7:40 pm – Evolutionary Origins of Myrmecochory: Clues from Two Continents

The next meeting of the Cambridge Entomological Club will be held on Tuesday March 8 at 7:40 PM in room 101 of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Oxford Street, Cambridge. Please note that the meeting will begin 10 minutes later than normal. David Lubertazzi will present a talk entitled Evolutionary Origins of Myrmecochory: Clues from Two Continents.  David, who is President of the Club, is a postdoctoral fellow  creating species pages for the Global Ant Project, and has described a Pyramica from Florida.

Myrmecochory is a mutualism that provides food to ants and seed dispersal benefits to plants. Studies examining these interactions have provided important insights in ant biology, plant biology and a diversity of topics in ecology and evolutionary biology. This talk will present details about the natural history of two ant species that play important roles in dispersing seeds within their native habitats. Common characteristics of these ants will then be shown to form the
basis for a new hypothesis to explain how myrmecochory first evolved.

The meeting is free and open to the public. Snacks will be provided and you are also welcome to join us at 6:15 PM for an informal pre-meeting dinner at Harkness Commons, in the law school cafeteria on the second floor. For more information, email David Lubertazzi at lubertazzi@gmail.com.