Saturday, April 2, 9:00 am – 11:00 am – High Density Fruit Orchard Workshop

The Wakefield Charitable Trust and the Arnold Arboretum will hold a High Density Fruit Orchard Workshop at the Wakefield Estate, 1493 Brush Hill Road in Milton, Massachusetts on Saturday, April 2, from 9 – 11 in the morning. Learn how to install a high density orchard for years of backyard fruit production. This method uses little space yet produces high yields of fruit with little effort. In last year’s session at the Wakefield Estate in Milton, students created a high-density orchard of 40 apple trees in a 25 x 30 ft. area. This year’s session will cover the basic planning and set up requirements for creating a low cost compact orchard for your own backyard. Those interested in planting trees this season should plan to order trees during the winter or early spring. Suggested supplier: Adams County Nursery. Fee is $15, and to register, log on to, or call 617-384-5277.