Tuesday, May 3, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – 3-D: Digging Deep for Dignity

We don’t make a habit of publicizing benefits which don’t have a specific horticultural tie-in, but today we’re making an exception for a treasured neighbor.  On Tuesday, May 3, from 6 – 9, there will be an event to benefit the Women’s Lunch Place Capital Campaign.  Entitled 3-D: Digging Deep for Dignity, the Latin themed party will take place in the Mandarin Oriental Ballroom, 776 Boylston Street, and will feature Latin festive fare and entertainment, plus a live and silent auction.  Tickets are $150 per person, valet parking is available, and casual chic attire is recommended.  For tickets and information, log on to www.womenslunchplace.org, or call 617-267-1722.