Thursday, July 28, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm – Soil Science Field Skills Workshop

Come to Great Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary in Sudbury on Thursday, July 28 from 9 – 4 for a combination day of lectures, slide shows, hands-on exercises, and field exercise led by Pete Fletcher and Gillian Davies.  Topics will include the soils of Massachusetts, the geological past and its influence on our soils, soil texture (percentages of sand, silt and clay), soil color, describing a soil profile, estimating depth to seasonal high water table.  The afternoon field trip will allow participants to work in small groups and describe different soil test pits in the field, which will cover a broad range of soil features.  Instructors will provide the field equipment needed for this exercise.  Bring a bag lunch.  MACC member cost $95, non-members $110.  To register, contact