Holiday Wreaths 2011 – The True Cost of a Wreath

Sometimes, when neighbors ask their condominium Trustees to purchase wreaths for the building, they are asked if these wreaths are the “best buy” or if ones can be procured at a cheaper price.  There are a couple of answers to that question.  The first, naturally, is that a cheaper wreath, both in cost and quality, may assuredly be found.  But why should a condominium purchase one of The Garden Club of the Back Bay wreaths?  Because all the net proceeds are spent pruning, planting, and inoculating the street trees in our own neighborhood.  Last year alone, The Garden Club of the Back Bay spent over $14,000 on street tree maintenance alone.  These are dollars the City of Boston cannot afford to spend, yet the difference in the quality of our natural experience is immense.  During Hurricane Irene, for instance, the Back Bay suffered minimal tree damage, because dead limbs had consistently been pruned over the past months.  Worries about the potential impact of our October snow storm were also lessened.  So what is the true cost of a wreath?  Is it the base purchase price (which, we contend, still compares favorably to wreaths from a good florist), or is it the value of a well tended neighborhood, with healthy and beautiful trees, increasing all our property values?  We know our answer, and hope it will be yours as well.  To order, visit