Holiday Wreaths 2011 – How We Determine Price

You have many wreath buying options during the holidays, and may wonder why you should spend, say, $30 for a standard wreath with a bow when you can buy a wreath with a bow at the supermarket for less.  Our good friends Penny and Ed Cherubino, who among their many talents maintain, created a video of our Wreath Co-Chair, Margaret Pokorny, who demonstrates how to make a bow.  We must point out a few important facts.  First, the fabric ribbon we use, a minimum of 2 1/2″ wide, is of the highest quality and is wired on the edges.  You really cannot create our bows with paper ribbon, and if the ribbon isn’t wired, you’ll have something very floppy in hand.  Second, while Margaret makes this look easy, a certain amount of hand strength is needed to twist the loops together tightly.  It may take Margaret five minutes to make a bow – it takes most of us a bit longer.  Ribbon costs vary widely, but we assure you, we’re not making a big profit from the sale of bows.  As you can see from our wonderful wreath pictures, however, the bows are a major design statement, and we won’t send out any wreath with a substandard bow.  That’s why you pay what you pay.  To order, click here.  To view the terrific video, click below to visit this YouTube address: