Holiday Wreaths 2011 – “Slow Wreath” Movement

Well, we’ve all heard of Slow Food – The Garden Club of the Back Bay may have originated the Slow Wreath movement.  It takes time to create our one of a kind custom designed fully decorated orders.  Each decorator interprets an order in his or her unique way.  An order may request a plaid bow with all natural accents, but no two wreaths with plaid bows and all natural accents could be mistaken for each other, unless, of course, they are a matched pair.  Not only do our artists want to stretch their talents each time, but they are bored creating and recreating the same “look,”  so as the week progresses, the designs become more and more intricate.  Intricacy takes time, and often we’ll hear our Assignment Desk personnel pleading with the decorators to speed things up.  There are, after all, a lot more wreaths to decorate before Thursday December 8.  The pleading does tend to fall on deaf ears – no one is hurrying his or her design and manufacture.  Each wreath is checked and rechecked for proper mechanics as well – we can’t have people complaining that the decorations fell out after the wreath was hung.  So, Slow is the operative word.  To order, click