Wreath of the Day 2011 – A Thank You to All Our Volunteers

The Garden Club of the Back Bay’s annual Wreath Week has wrapped up, and Co-Presidents Jackie Blombach and Jolinda Taylor, along with Wreath Project Co-Chairs Margaret Pokorny, Francine Crawford, Catherine Bordon, and Elisabeth Lay thank all the volunteers who made this project such a success.  From now through January 1, we will post a picture of the Wreath of the Day, along with a brief description of the wreath and the process, from initial ordering to the last sweeping of the floor.  Since Hanukkah is beginning, we’ll start off with a wreath specially designed to celebrate the season, designed by a first time decorator and new club member.  The sophistication of the wreath proves that a multi-year design apprenticeship is not necessarily a prerequisite.