Wreath of the Day 2011 – How We Keep Track

Once our Garden Club of the Back Bay Holiday Wreath order forms are in the mail, the action begins.  Many customers – our favorite customers, naturally – shoot those order forms right back to us with a check, and they specify what they want.  Bow color is of paramount importance, of course, and if the wreath is fully decorated, we want to know about accent color preferences, and whether the wreath is destined to be hung inside or out.  All this information is logged into a database with 58 separate fields.  We can access records back to 2004.  We can tell you how many people want silver bows, how many fully decorated standard wreaths have been ordered, how many people on Marlborough Street will receive a wreath, etc.  We slice and dice the data in many different ways, and are always trying to improve the system.  Forgotten what size you ordered last year?  We can tell you.  Need the delivery between 5 and 6 only?  Can do.  Below is a wreath designed for a darker space, a vestibule which is sheltered but remains cool.  The iridescent clear and milky white balls were a perfect foil for the white ribbon which also had a rainbow sheen.