Wreath of the Day 2011 – Paperwork

Once orders are logged in to our data base, a flurry of paperwork begins.  Confirmatory postcards are mailed to customers reminding them of their order details, in case they need to be amended, and informing them of the day and time of delivery.  In instances where wreaths are to be picked up, we let our buyers know when the wreaths will be ready.  Assignment books, to be used on site during wreath week to keep track of orders, are prepared.  Tags to be attached to each wreath are prepared and alphabetized.  The delivery chairs prepare the duplicate paperwork needed to keep track of each order.  Lists of decorators who have clients who specially request their work are typed.  We hate to admit this, but we use a lot of paper – we do, however, use recycled paper!  The tag for the wreath pictured below indicated the client wanted a red bow with silver accents.  Since many of our red bows have a bit of gold edging, we found this particular ribbon worked well with silver.