Wreath of the Day 2011 – Loading In

Sunday night before the official Wreath Week kick off is a busy time for members of The Garden Club of the Back Bay.  A small group arrives at The First Lutheran Church with cars filled with supplies.  Two or three cars have come from our storage facility with saved materials from the prior year, including tools, tables, easels and chairs.  A word about our easels – a number of years ago a member’s husband put together an easel for her to use when decorating wreaths.  Up until that time we decorated flat on tables, then hung the wreaths on hooks to check bow placement, wreath shape, and overall balance of design.  Often we had to fuss over the wreath to amend mistakes – bows placed at 11:00 rather than centered, or decorative clusters on matched pairs which simply didn’t line up.  When we saw the easel, we knew what we had to do.  Member Bev Christians offered the services of her immensely talented husband, and over one summer he hammered together fabulous folding easels large enough to hold a matched pair, with handles and hooks, yet light enough to transport easily.  We ordered more the following year, since every decorator wanted one.  Now our wreaths come out right the first time around.  Below is a matched pair on one such easel.