Friday, April 20, 7:00 pm – What If? Alternative Histories of Science

Imagine that phrenology, the 19th-century study of mind by measuring bumps on people’s heads, had turned out to be true? Or that Darwin hadn’t been invited to go on the voyage of the Beagle? Or that the luminiferous ether had turned out to actually exist? Now imagine historians in discussion with stand-up comedians on these subjects, and you have “What If…?” Join moderator Anne Harrington and guests Andrew Berry, David Jones, Roberto Lalli and comedians Kevin Harrington, Raj Sivaraman, and Rob Crean as they improvise alternative histories of science, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge on Friday, April 20, beginning at 7 pm.  Free and open to the public. Free parking available in the 52 Oxford Street garage. Part of the Cambridge Science Festival.  Kudos to for the fabulous comic below.