Friday, August 17 – Sunday, August 26 – A Capital Idea at The Marshfield Fair – Call to Exhibitors

A Capital Idea, The Design Division of a Standard Flower Show at the Marshfield Fair, will take place August 17 – 26.  Class 1, a Stretch design, is entitled “London Bridge”.  Class 2, a design, Traditional or Creative, inspired by an ancient Greek god or mythological creature selected by the Exhibitor, is entitled “The Acropolis.”  Class 3, a Reflective design,  is Paris, “City of Lights.”  Class 4, a Traditional or Creative style design, using predominantly white plant material, is “The White House.”  Class 5, a Functional Table for One, is Tokyo “Tea Ceremony.”  Finally, Class 6, a collage on a panel 20″ wide by 30” high, is Mexico City “Fiesta.”  Contact Ginger King, 781-383-9554, or, for more information on exhibiting.