Wednesday, July 11, 6:30 pm – The Pollinator’s Corridor

This just in: “the back corner” and Mt Grace Land Conservation Trust are pleased to co-host an evening with author Aaron Birk tomorrow, July 11, beginning at 6:30 pm, at 1497 Main Street in Athol. Aaron will present and discuss the significance of his new graphic novel The Pollinator’s Corridor.

Set in the aftermath of the 1970’s landlord fires, The Pollinator’s Corridor follows the lives of three friends who attempt to convince wild bees and butterflies to cross the Bronx by planting ‘corridors’ of native flora throughout the industrial wasteland. Connecting fragmented forests, watersheds and city parks, our heroes restore biodiversity to the blighted ghetto by uniting marginalized communities and laying the foundations of ecological health in an age of crisis and decline.

Philadelphia-based artist Aaron Birk began work on The Pollinator’s Corridor in 2003, while employed as a forester in Central Park, NY. Along with his efforts in restoration ecology, Aaron continues to hone his craft in illustration, puppetry and acrobatics. He is sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts, and is the recipient of two major grants from The Independence Foundation and Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts.

The project has received over $15,000 in grant funding through three major foundations, including The Independence Foundation, The New York Foundation for the Arts, and Pennsylvania Cultural Alliance. The Pollinator’s Corridor has been featured in The Bronx Museum of the Arts, and made the cover of the Philadelphia City Paper. Audiences range from 4th graders to PHD entomologists.