Saturday, August 11 – Monday, August 13 – The 9th Annual International Carnivorous Plant Society Meeting and Show

The award winning New England Carnivorous Plant Society (NECPS) will be hosting this summer when the World’s Carnivorous Plant Lovers descend on New England.  Growers and enthusiasts from around the globe will bring their expertise, skills and plants to the area for a 3 day conference and show.  Included this year for the first time is a PUBLIC SHOW for anyone to attend and view these amazing plants. There are over 600 naturally occurring Carnivorous Plants in the world, with some growing in both the USA and the New England Area. These plants have evolved to the point where they feed on insects and use them for energy to grow and move. They prey on things from as small as a gnat to as large as mice, rats and snakes! When writing about a plant that grows here in New England, Charles Darwin once wrote to a contemporary “I care more about this plant than all the other species in the world.” The plants that amazed Darwin can and do still amaze us all!

Where: Johnson and Wales University Inn, Seekonk, Massachusetts.

When: August 11 to 13, 2012

Admission to the public show: $5 for adults

This will be the largest collection of Carnivorous Plants shown on the east coast. The NECPS hosts a highly successful annual show,and this promises to be even bigger and better with more plants, exhibits and peoplefrom around the world with LOTS of opportunities for photographers! Register now at