Charles River Clean Up Boat Update

From our friend Tom McNichol of the Charles River Clean Up Boat, a post Fourth of July update:

“We got the river clean early this year with help for the Charles River Yacht Club, and kept it clean until the 4th of July.

Again we all had a world class party, one the whole city can be very proud to be part of. Even the evacuation and rain had little effect on the enthusiasm, and patriotism, displayed. Part of the deal is after every party you have to clean up. We expect it every year, and consider it our contribution to the bash. We started our part of the clean up on July 5th.

Now a little information on fireworks. Every rocket has a tube it is fired from. These tubes are loaded days in advance and each one has a colorful plastic cap covering the upturned end. It’s purpose is to keep water and debris out of the charges prior to firing. When the weather is good these caps are removed prior to firing. This year it is a good thing that they were not removed, as it began to pour just as the first rocket was fired. You guessed it, the down side is hundreds, maybe thousands were fired into the river in addition to the normal residue from the rockets. See attached photos.

We will keep finding them for months as they come out from under docks and the bushes. The good news is, after 4 days on the river, we have picked up all of the obvious ones. The rest we will get on subsequent trips, but you should not see any as you walk along the river. In fact we are back to a clean beautiful river.

Funding wise we are getting to where we need to be. I am sure a number of our supporters just haven’t got around to sending the check.. I need to get on the phone and make some calls. Just not my favorite activity and I tend to procrastinate.

As to volunteers…WOW… we already have crews for every scheduled day for the rest of the year. This is the first time we have filled up so early. Thank you very much, everybody

The boat is running strong, the weather has been clear and dry, for the most part, the river is clean and the concerts are in full swing.

You have played a part in keeping the wonderful playground beautiful. Come out and enjoy.”

If you are interested in making a donation to support the operation of the Clean Up Boat, please contact Tom McNichol at 508.877.3624, or email