Thursday, October 11 – Sunday, October 14 – Horticultural Therapy Class

Learn how to combine a passion for gardening and helping people through the innovative field of horticultural therapy.  A new Horticultural Therapy Institute certificate series begins this fall, October 11 – 14,  at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown. The Horticultural Therapy Institute (HTI) is a leader in HT education and offers a certificate program in the field.  Join students from across the country to learn more by enrolling in this four-day course. The course will introduce the profession and practice of horticultural therapy, which uses gardening activities in community gardens, children’s gardens, health care and human service programs to name a few. The course describes the types of programs utilizing HT as well as the cognitive, social, emotional and physical goals for the varied people served. It also exposes students to resources for further exploration and to professionals in the field.

One of the unique advantages to HTI’s certificate program is the opportunity for students from around the country to attend classes in sites that showcase horticultural therapy services in a variety of settings. This is exemplified at the Perkins School for the Blind. Take one class, or the full certificate program (four classes total, with remaining three in Colorado and California).  With its unique format, you don’t need to live where the classes are held and the format accommodates those who must travel to attend.  Perkins was founded in 1829 as the nation’s first school for the blind and horticulture goes back to the school’s move in 1910 to the current 38 acre campus in Watertown, MA. The contemporary program of horticultural therapy began as a part-time pilot program in 1979.  It quickly became a full time program and Perkins hired its first horticultural therapist and coordinator in 1980.

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