Sunday, September 16, 1:00 pm – The Transcendental Landscape Art Panel and Discussion

Host Dr. Michael Volmer, Curator, Fruitlands Museum, and Moderator Bill Turville, Artist and Personality Vivant, will speak on The Transcendental Landscape on Sunday, September 16 at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts. The program will begin at 1pm with a reception to follow.

Panelists will share images of their work and discuss the relationship between landscape and their visual vocabulary. Each of the panelist was invited because of their unique approach to responding to – or documenting – or transforming – a sense of place. Fruitlands Museum is an ideal location for such a panel discussion. The sacred vista, the collected art and artifacts, and the public will all contribute to the value of this discussion.

How does a place contribute to the creative process?

How can art contribute to a sense of belonging?

How does art document a landscape?

How does the natural experience change the artist and/or art studio practice?  For more information visit