September 19 Deadline for Voting: Chase Community Giving

greenGoat in Somerville, Massachusetts, helps the building industry conserve natural resources. Their primary goal is to stem the tide of material waste in the construction process. They REROUTE unwanted building materials into productive (re)use, saving natural resources, landfill space, embodied energy, AND providing quality materials at lower prices. greenGoat offers education and logistical help in getting materials from where they’re being donated to their next “gig”. Its “Home to Home” program has spared over 700 tons from landfills to date. “Office to Office” has rescued over 1500 tons. The challenges are: scheduling, markets, labor and storage costs, and changing perceptions of unneeded materials as worthless (they’re not!). They coach receiving projects on stretching the life of the material we get them even farther. In a lean economy – greenGoat’s frugality hits not only a green building chord, but also helps everyday folks who simply cannot AFFORD to waste what they have. Learn more at, and cast a vote for it at, or at

Chase Community Giving is donating $5 million dollars to local charities across the country, and the 196 charities with the most votes will share in the grants. For a complete list of charities, visit