Sunday, November 4 – Friday, November 9 – Mark Catesby’s Third Centennial in America

300 years ago and a century before Audubon, British born Mark Catesby followed his passion in search of plants and nature that were foreign to England and set out for America in 1712. There he discovered a new world of endless possibilities and strange creatures.

The Catesby Commemorative Trust invites you to explore Mark Catesby’s world and discover how he introduced the wild beauty of North America to the astonished eyes of Europe and went on to influence artists such as William Bartram and John James Audubon.

On November 4th – 9th, 2012, The Catesby Commemorative Trust will bring together experts from America and Europe to discuss Catesby’s influences, drawings, science and impact on natural history.  You will travel to places once visited by Mark Catesby and have the privilege of viewing his most famous etchings.

They  hope you will join them in Richmond, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Charleston, South Carolina to discover the scientific value and marvel at the beauty of Mark Catesby’s remarkable work. For a complete itinerary, and to register, visit