October 31 Deadline: Name A New Species of Iris

An exceptionally rare, and almost certainly a once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity to have your name, or that of a loved one, immortalized by giving a name of your choosing to a newly discovered species of beautiful South African iris.

In November 2011 Odette Curtis of the Renosterveld Management Project (which now falls under the newly established Overberg Lowlands Conservation Trust) in South Africa, discovered a new species of Hesperantha – a beautiful and rare iris.

In an unusual move, Odette and her colleagues are offering the opportunity for members of the public to bid on the right to name this new species – immortalizing their name or another name of their choosing.

All proceeds from this Auction will go to Fauna & Flora International (http://www.fauna-flora.org/) and the Overberg Lowlands Conservation Trust (http://www.overbergrenosterveld.org.za/) to protect the Critically Endangered habitat where this iris was discovered.  For complete terms and conditions, log on to www.irisauction.com.

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