Holiday Wreaths By the Numbers

Orders are flying in for our spectacular holiday wreaths, which will be delivered around the neighborhood during the first week in December.  We thought a review of last year’s project would be interesting for our readers as they contemplate their purchases.  These statistics are especially helpful as we order materials and plan for our four day decorating marathon December 3 – 6 at The First Lutheran Church of Boston.  260 standard sized wreaths were sold last year, and 97 large wreaths were purchased or donated.  A few customers also ordered specialty sized wreaths, in advance, for special locations.  Poinsettia sales show a marked preference for red (32) versus white (25), and pink trailing at 4.  Next season, if pink poinsettia sales don’t pick up, we may drop the option.  Red bows are the overwhelming favorite color for pre-order, followed by red and gold combination, gold, burgundy, and plaid.  Tied for popularity at the bottom were silver and cream, with white dead last (the example below makes me wonder why that is!)  Many customers are kind enough to allow us “designer’s choice” and perhaps our most creative work is done for those adventurous people.  The most important number of all, of course, is the net profit which allows The Garden Club of the Back Bay to plant and prune the street trees in the neighborhood.  Damage from Hurricane Sandy would have been much worse had we not systematically pruned each and every street tree in Back Bay on a three year rotation.  So please, order now by clicking